Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why do we miss people?

So, lets say that you miss someone k. It can be anyone. Someone you haven't seen in a while, someone you wish you could see soon, someone you know you should not under any circumstances miss, but you do...ya, you get my point. Lets just say you miss someone. What would you do? I know I am the kinda person who says that you should always express your feelings and emotions and should never hide what you feel. But, what if time, does not permit you to do so? What do you do then?
Well, I went out today and bought a rose plant. Remember I told you about Lady? The one that bloomed orange roses for me? Unfortunately she passed a few weeks back and despite it being a huge wound to me, I still went ahead and got another rose plant. This one blooms peach roses. Walking into the shop, I knew it was love at first sight because it reminded me of someone. Someone I miss. Maybe that someone will never know how much I miss him or her, but I do. And so I named the new plant, a him this time around, MISHU. Yes, Mishu stands for miss you.
As crazy as it sounds, it works, trust me. Whenever you miss someone, go get something that reminds you of that person and look at it. You will cure the missing part of yourself. By the way, I am intrigued. Why do you think we miss people?

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