Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is LOVE again?

Alright ladies and gentleman. Let me hear it now. A huge round of applause for me please. I left as a 20 year old in my last post and here I am, a full grown woman. Well, ya, that may sound a little too exaggerated. Okay, I am 21. That is a big number isn't it? So, just let me be happy for a while! So, yes, I am 21! 21!
Okay. Now that I am done being happy, let me move on to the topic of the day. Well, you guessed it. L.O.V.E! Okay, to those that may have sighed at this juncture, please leave. I am not changing my topic. I am still talking about love. And yes, I do hear you. And ya I know that I have a tendency to go on and on when it comes to love. Well, what can you say? I am a girl so driven by her heart. Yihaa!
So, lets talk about love. I have a question here. Why do we love? Seriously. Stop laughing. I really wanna know. Why do we fall for an idiot that does little to notice our existence? Like really. Why are we that stupid? I have been through the whole crushing on someone, butterflies in the tummy, the world going topsy turvy and all that. But till today, I have not found a reason as to why people fall in love. The situation is fairly simple. A meets B. A falls for B. Then B falls for A. And they lived happily ever after. Simple neh?
But the thing is, reality isn't all fairy tale like. The thing is, no one has ever told the story of what goes wrong in a relationship that leads single people like me to believe that everything is sugar coatedly right and that when my prince charming eventually comes for me, he will sweep me off my feet and carry me to his kingdom where he will look after me so well and keep me happy. Sounds nice? Well, its not true! Okay, as shocking as it is, that that came from me, allow me to explain.
The thing is, I have been thinking. And honestly at this juncture in my life, I am driven to think that love is something that we believe in. It is not necessarily true. And it definitely need not exist. It's just this thought, some random fantasy in our hearts. So yes, there are people out there that believe in love and there are people that don't. And lemme tell you this, you do not need to believe in love. You can choose not to too. But the thing is, life would be very lonely if you don't. Imagine waking up everyday next to yourself and having no one to hug. I mean, that sounds tortures to me, I dunno about you. And imagine spending every Valentines without anyone by your side. That's very very lonely!
So all I'm saying is that don't be blinded by love. It is not all fairy tale, it is not always happiness and yes, your significant other would drive you up to the walls at times.But the thing is, in love, there is only one rule and that is, always remember that if it is meant to be, it is and if it is not, it never will. Remember that and you might just survive in this crazy path called LOVE!

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