Thursday, September 1, 2011

What happens when the moon goes up

You know. I'm pretty good at pretending to be someone i'm not no matter how much it kills me on the inside to do this. But i absolutely hate the fact that when the moon goes up, and the day turns to night and it gets quieter and lonelier, im back to where i am. I am back to being who i m. N i absolutely hate the fact that im writing this entry now. But, this is what i feel like doing and i always follow my heart and not my mind. So, here i m. Issue to deal with? How do you turn time? If i had a magic grandfather clock, ill turn time to the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. I'll turn time. I honestly will. Maybe then i'll escape all this hurt. All these shit im gng thru. Ill tell myself to watch out. Ill watch my every step.
Closely. But hey, life is meant to be unpredictable right? So, im honestly not regretting everything that happened. Im just wishing life was different. But, i bow to time. I know its not different. I noe everything happens for a reason. So, the worst part is finding for the reason. Ill find it, eventually.

Falling in love is like standing on a diving board waiting to jump; whether you live or die depends upon one fact- Is there water in the pool or just your mind telling you the water is there because your eyes are closed?

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  1. Reva! You are who you are! You dont have to pretend to be someone else! I have been in this position before and it kill u! I know! You tend to lose yourself, lose your identity!
    Dont be afraid! be who you are! I love you for who you are!