Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To live the life you deserve..be the best you can! :)

Hello fellow bloggers, friends, and people with beautiful hearts.
Today, I want to talk about life. Wo..kay.I know. I'm only 20 and I sound so boring, don't i? But, I want to tell you what life is. If you really stop and think for a moment. All that has happened in your life, why did it happen? Why are you who you are today? Do we really have any answer for that? We tend to take life for granted. We talk too much, love too little and hate too much. We blame GOD for the pollution, the war, the depleting ozone, the crimes, etc, etc, etc. We walk around like we own the world. We are selfish and immature. We think we know everything. But, do we? I look at people around me and sometimes I can't help but wonder, why is it that we can always blame others for our misery but can never turn inwards and blame ourselves?
I define life as this little, tiny stage. Like a game. You will fail and you will rise. You can't be on the top all the time. Its about making choices. Choices that will lead you to where you are supposed to be in the first place. This narrow pathway in which we meet many people that teach us something along the way. They always take a part of us and give us a part of them. But, too often we receive too much and forget to give as much. So, today, let me tell you that you always have a choice in life. You can be an angel or a devil. You can choose to hurt or to heal, to give or to receive, to cure or to wound. Its all up to you. Life is beautiful! :)

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