Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finally Mr. Thursday is here!

Haaaaaaaiiiizzzz.....this week would most probably a week i would remember forever. My dad has this habit of reading out for us our horoscopes from the tamil paper and as such he read out mine last Sunday. Now, I'm not the kinda person that is going to deny the power of astrologers, mind readers, magic potions, bla bla...i just...well..i just believe in some things and don't in others. I think its fun to "know" the future but no one can really tell you what the future holds and you can never plan how you would like your life to be like too. I believe that life is suppose to be spontaneous. I believe in doing things because I want to, not because I'm supposed to. There is a difference, trust me. Anyway, whoever wrote the horoscope predicted that I'd be having a very very rough week. A week in which everything goes wrong. A week that really pushes me to my limits. And, you know what I did when I heard that? I laughed! I really laughed! I thought, I have everything in it's place...what could possibly go wrong? And boom! It happened. Everything went wrong. Day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.
I went through a lot this week and I'm still coping. I had to submit 3 assignments, sit for a Phonology test that did not give me much time to prepare, in between of lectures and tutorials and dealing with stuffs at was just a lot. And doing all those with a flooded mind and soul made it worse. It's hard to open up to people and say all that i feel. It feels like I'm walking on a road that is scattered with thorns, broken mirrors, and sharp needles , bare-footed. But you know whats the best part of being broken? In the process of fixing yourself, you find out what an amazing person you are!:)
Anyway, after such a miserable week, i'm looking forward to a blissful weekend at far away land,( well..not really far..but still). 3 days of curing myself both physically and emotionally! Lots of love, care, food and sleep. I ain't complaining! :)

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