Monday, September 12, 2011

-I'm moving on with pride!-

I feel like there is this knife that is stabbed into my heart and I wont ever forget how it feels tonight. How it feels to finally know the truth. Once and for all. I'm static and loss for words. I wiped away the tears that fell because you do not deserve it. You do not deserve me.
I'm moving on after lots of stumbling, lots of hope and lots of prayers. I'm moving on, stomping my feet and not looking back. I fell for what I thought you were but I now know who you really are. I'm hurt beyond words, and that's just something you will never understand. And i don't deserve to be hurt. I don't deserve to be in pain.
I'm so angry, so angry at what I have become because of you. Thats the thing about girls like me, we are nice to everyone, even those that hurt us, but when we find out how much lies people like you have shown us, we can bundle up every single emotion in the world, throw it in the far end of the sea, shake off the hurt, look up with a smile and walk away with pride. And, thats what I'm doing tonight. I am throwing away all that I have ever felt for you. I'm throwing away the memories, the dreams, everything related to you. I'm not going to fall back. I am a girl with pride. After all that you have said...after how much i trusted you..after everything...
I have finally found the courage to walk away..walk very far away from you.
I'm done with all this! Done!
"Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him".

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