Friday, September 30, 2011

September= Love!

If you asked me how my September started and ended, I would say, "With full of love". Okay. I know. And you know. i'm probably the most romantic person on earth, and I believe in love too much and ya, I go on and on on what love is. But, the kinda love I'm gonna talk about is the kinda love many of us fail to feel. Notice the absence of the word "see". For love is not meant to be seen but felt.
Let me start off by asking you, like always, What is love? Well, this is a question I always ask to those around me and here is what most of them said. One said it was all about "mushy-mushy" and another said love is life. You miss love and you miss life. Okay. Those are romantic answers and yes, that is a part of love. I won't deny that. But, beyond all that, how do one even get to defining what love is.
And that's precisely what September taught me. September pushed me to feel love from the other side of the world. From the side in which romance doesn't exist. I fell in love with myself this month and I'm super proud of it. Sure, I scratched my heart in the process, lots of tears and lots of confusion...but, I loved every moment of it. I learnt love doesn't mean sharing another's heart. All it means at times is appreciating yourself and showering others with love, even if it means not being loved back.
The love I feel when I hug my two dogs
The love I feel waking up to the sounds of GOD songs at home,
The love I feel when I bow before GOD,
The love I feel with the smell of mum's cooking and dad's little antics
The love I feel when my sis finishes up my credit
The love I feel standing in the balcony at my hostel watching as the tiny raindrops hit earth
The love I feel as I write more blog posts
The love I feel in the company of good friends
The love I feel as I understand love from another side...
This is love when you fall in love with yourself.

Its truly remarkable how much life can teach us in a mere 30 days. And, I am thankful for being allowed to know how love feels. So, as October rolls in, I wish everyone lots of luck in falling in love with yourself, if you haven't that is. And I want you people out there to tell me what love is, not love to your special someone, but love from the other end.

Here's to a new me. Olla October!

No more wishing,
No more hoping,
No more crying,
No more moping.

More smiles and laughter,
Less frowns and tears,
More kisses and hugs,
Less worries and fears.

More adventure and fun,
More pleasure and joy,
More to love,
More to enjoy.

This month is about happiness,
This month is about me,
This month is about dreams,
Becoming reality.

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