Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here comes Sunday!

A big olla to the world! O..kay..I know what you are thinking. Why am I so excited and happy on a Sunday right? Well, I am a teeny weeny bit excited to go back to college. I really really miss my friends, I miss our late night tea sessions, hunting for dinner with Bagya, love advices with Hema and Reshmi. Ah, not forgetting. Not letting Ashwinni sleep by talking non-stop. Hahaha. Who would have thought I would have so nice friends/housemates this semester? I'm honestly blessed. *touchwood*
However, no matter what I may say, I'm still going to miss home this 5 days that I'm not here. I'm still going to call my mum up 10 times a day just to crap and I'm still going to run back home right after class on Friday. Well, this week I'll be back on Thursday! Still, the point is that, I love home! I love this people so much! I love cooking with mum, I love spoiling Dino and Ruby, I love arguing with dad, I love sleeping in the hall, I love just everything about home! I guess thats what happens when you have a very small family like mine. :)
Anyway, let me just say this. No matter what happens in life, you should know that no one can love you more than your family does. That's life. :)
Ps: I sound so childish nowadays kan? :)

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