Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 2 & im switched off! :(

Okay. So here I am. In the library of SK (P) Methodist Klang. I for once never thought that I'd be online during SBE updating my blog. My last SBE left me in tears when I had to part ways with my beloved students, and my mentor, an extraordinary lady, Pn. Saras. I was touched in ways i never thought was possible. Hence, when the topic S.B.E came out for the second time in this new semester I practically jumped high and low, screamed at the top of my lungs and texted everyone to tell them that I'm going for another SBE. Another time of my life. Haiz...If only I felt the same right now..typing this out.
I never thought this school would be this quiet. Not my style. Im more of a laid back teacher. A teacher who allows her students to go crazy and the type that goes crazy with them as well. I miss my S.K.T.P students who were like that. Students who were just happy with us being around them. The type of students that hugged me when we left, the ones that told me they had pretty cool coloured lenses at home, the ones that loved us for who we were. Love them to bits as well.
But here, things are so darn different. Things here are far from what I expected it to be. Students are drilled into machines and yes, they move around like robots. Do things that the teachers say they should, never wishes us as we walk by (probably cause we r not their teachers), and the teachers treat us like crap! Honestly. Its so hard to find a senior teacher that actually likes us. I never ever thought I'd be in this situation. I wanted it to be a perfect experience that I'd be talking about in the future. Haiz. If only.

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