Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's all grow up...:)

I have an issue on my mind today which I seriously need to get it off from where it is securely locked. I'm in a position in which I am getting used to the fact that I'm no longer a child. I'm a grown-up and I know my limitations, restrictions, inhibitions, weaknesses as well as strengths, plus points...I'd just say that I know myself. I am in this world for a reason and it is up to me to make a difference in where I should. I am living my life truly and in fulfillment. I do things that I know would make me happy but im cautious enough to make sure no one suffers for my happiness. That's maturity right there. Maturity is knowing what you should, your placement in this world as well as possesing the ability to make wise decisions. And once again, no matter how much I may say your heart should lead the way, I am also saying that maturity is a part of letting go but knowing when to hold back.
So, why am I going on and on on maturity? A couple of reasons actually. But the main one would be the fact that I found out how childish some people may be. Let me stress here. When you are 20, you don;t go around spreading rumors about another person just to "fit" in. C'mon. Thats what you do when you are in secondary schools in which your hormones are all over the place. This is a university and you are 20. Friends are those who don't stab you at the back.
And yes, this world does not revolve around you. It revolves around a lot of things. Get over the fact that some people may be prettier than you, smarter than you, more qualified than you are. After all, aren't we all perfect in the eyes of GOD? Besides, please let me stress here, that prettiness, and all other adjectives does not even come close to describing who you are. Who you are is something you should be contented with looking into the mirror. Because that's the only person you should answer to.
And that brings me to the next issue at hand, you never ever should hurt another person for your own happiness. And that goes to everyone in this world. When you wind down the window and throw out your tissue paper. Aren't you hurting the atmosphere? When you go for a picnic and throw rubbish all over the place. Aren't you hurting mother nature? I just have one question here. How is it that you can hurt something/someone and go on like nothing has happened.
And lets move on, every one of us, have a life of our own. So, let me stress here. Seriously. In life, we will meet lots and lots of people. But, to flirt and to prove a point that you can have anyone you that's sick. And it brings me back to maturity and hurt. Seriously. Her boyfriend is hers, his girlfriend is his. Get me?
And yes, love is not using someone for your happiness. Feel free to critic me here. Sure, I have never been in a relationship and hence you may question my rights to speak about love. But, ill still say this, love is not something you play with. You either love a person or you don't. Love is what that keeps this world in its place. Love is subjective, yes. But, even though I'm not in a relationship and have never been in one, if you happen to tell me that love means calling up 10 guys at once to see which one fits, or if it means having one person you call a boyfriend and yet chatting for hours, flirting with another or if it is based on lust (in any form), I'm seriously gonna slap you...left and then right. You have no rights to play with love. Got it?
And then again, let me tell you this. Maturity is being able to accept one another's differences and opinions. Dictatorship is for idiots. When you are a group of anything, you make decisions as a group. I'm talking about being fair here people!

And please please know that sometimes you need to understand how another person feels. Sometimes they will want to be quiet, they will need space. Instead of flooding them with stories of how your life is perfect, why don't you open a ear and listen to them? Sometimes all a person needs is someone to be there for them

And then again im also saying this. I am no one to judge another person but I'm merely saying what I think is wrong. And the "you" in the above context, goes to every one human being out there. If you find yourself thinking that it may be you, then I'm begging you to please please grow up. To please know what you are doing is wrong. I'm letting you know that you are not a child anymore.

And I'm not perfect. I know that too. But, I am living my life in a way that I hope I will be able to answer GOD one day up there. Because my dear God's children, HE who created you would be the HE that takes you back. Just keep that in mind k.
Lots of love to those who read and even more to those who were in my mind as I typed this out. Have a nice day people.:)

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