Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 months and I'm so proud!

Yihaa. Wokay, before I start ranting, you have to congratulate me first. You have to pat me on the back and tell me I did good! And, why you ask? Read on. :)
Today marks three whole months of me being a pure vegetarian and I'm so proud of this life choice that I made. I started off due to the fact that my dad got ill and i prayed hard. I turned vegetarian to be closer to GOD and somewhere along the way, I realised it is in me to not eat another living soul.I took a decision to turn vegetarian and I'm so proud to have kept it up. I have an entire life time to look forward to this beautiful life i have chosen to be in. :)


  1. congratzzz!
    Soooo happy for you! Go on with the good work gurl! :) god will always be there for you! :)

  2. thank u my dear! :)
    congrats to u too! nearly 10 months right?