Monday, June 11, 2012

Stay pretty for yourself ladies! :)

Beauty is only skin deep. Yes, I preach that. Along with my other crazy ideas, which obviously I don't think is crazy such as, "Money isn't important" to "If you dream of someone, it means that, that person missed you" to many others. Wokay, before I move on. A word of caution. The emotions are not balanced right now as I skipped my morning coffee hence I have a tendency to crap, but hey, who cares again?
Anyway, I was looking through some quotes and poems online, which is something I love doing by the way and I stumbled upon a page on what truly is beauty. And ya, the writer said that beauty is only skin deep and ya, I mean I agree on that. But, partially. Let me explain pls.
While it is true that I think beauty does not define who you are, it irks me to think that there are girls out there who do not give a damn about how they look. I mean, why on earth would you wanna walk out of your house with uncombed hair or mismatched clothes and all and call that being real? That is not being real, it is being silly. My view on this is very simple. You need to be happy with how you look. I mean, if having uncombed hair keeps you happy, then go for it. That is beautiful and I applaud it. But doing it because you feel like you are worth nothing or no one will look at you, now that is a concept I am absolutely against.
Seriously ladies, give yourself some self worth. Do not dress for another person. Dress for yourself. Make sure you look pretty for yourself. Again, the concept of "pretty" here is very subjective. Do what that you think is right. Do not walk around looking like a total clown because you think people should love you for your personality and not how you look. While it is true that you should be loved for your personality, please just put some love for yourself first! Trust me, I am not exaggerating here, I really know girls who are like that!
In conclusion, beauty is skin deep, yes. But beauty is also equals to feeling good of yourself. So, I say, put some effort to look good. After all, we should love ourselves first right?

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