Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One whole year later, here comes 14th June!

A year ago on this date, 14th June, I was a complete mess but trying my best to look like I had it all under control. It is an experience that I never ever want to relive again in my life. And to tell you the truth, a year seemed like eternity at that time but guess what, I made it!
And with that painful experience, it also marks a year since I turned into a vegetarian. Amidst all the mockery and insults and back lashes that I got from relatives and friends, the real thing that I am proud here is not in my resistance of meat, i mean, that is something no vegetarians should be proud off. They should be proud of their decision to turn into one, but hey, who am I to say right? I am proud for living up to a principle that I truly believed in. I am happy to say that I never once gave in to what another human said. I never in those times of ridiculous lectures that I had with even strangers that I thought of giving in. The thought never crossed my mind.
Hence, 365 days later, I have made it and I have a whole life to look forward to, with more insults, that I am sure of. But it is not going to alter this decision I have made because I am a girl who does what her heart says is right. I might go through one hell of a labour pain (as what most aunts said) but I am truly strong enough to endure it. And I might have brittle bones and walk funny before any of my friends do, but hey, we all will age one day won't we?
And here is to me, a round of applause to myself for making it. I would love to have flowers delivered to me and a big card and a dinner to celebrate but hey, I am still a long way to making people understand why I took this path and I am not rushing it either. So I might just go out tomorrow to treat myself or maybe take over the kitchen and make myself something I really like. Rice, Sambar, Rasam and Tairu sounds so perfect.
14th June 2012, a year into Vegetarianism. I don't feel any different or anything. I just feel really really happy and ya, I have a huge grin on my face right now!

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