Friday, June 8, 2012

I wanna baby! Seriously, why are babies so so cute?

I was at the clinic earlier and there was this young mother with her dashing husband (wokay, I know it is wrong to stare at another girl's hubby, but seriously, he was too cute) and she was holding a baby of about 6 months old. He was dressed in this cute hoodie and was drooling away while looking around with his big eyes and then it hit me. I want a baby!
Yes, you did not hear me wrong. I really said it. I want a baby! I want to hold my own bundle of joy and watch as he or she grows up to be a dreadful teenager! Seriously, I am not joking. Screw finding my prince and getting married and all. I just want to walk down to any adoption centres and get a baby of my own.
Seriously, I am contemplating the idea. I mean, I always knew I would adopt a child. Even if I have one of my own later on in the future, adoption is something I really want to do. I have my mind and heart set to it. I can only hope that my other half would understand how much this means to me. Well, that is if I choose to get married.
I mean, lately I don't know why but the whole thing about getting married and going through this whole new phase of my life is not so appealing. I don't know whether it is my age that is speaking or just how much things have changed that is making me see stuffs clearer. I am not giving much thoughts to it though. I mean, why worry about something that is not happening in the next 5 years at least.
So, back to the idea of the baby. I want a baby. I mean, I like being a mum. Of course, being a mum to Ruby and Dino is my most favourite job in the world and it might be that excitement that is making me coo and call out to all the babies I bump into. A child is a gift from the one above and should be treasured.
So ya, I just wanna baby right now!

Ps: I should stop watching all those baby stories on Discovery Home & Health!

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