Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little inspiration from a mechanics workshop! :)

As the world sleeps, I am here typing. Gotta say, I kinda like this whole writing spree mode that I am in. I always said that writing keeps me sane so ya. Anyway, topic of the day? Nothing. I just thought that I should be able to rant a little. I mean, it is my blog after all and God bless me that if I don't write anything insensitive or racist, there should not be a problem in ranting. And I am pretty good at being sensitive enough to know what is appropriate and what is not.
Anyway, I was at the mechanic's today getting something done with the car. Wokay. I will admit I am not good at cars. I mean, along with directions that is. But ya, cars. I don't understand how the car works, I mean the whole black oil and engines and stuffs. I can drive and I know how to pump petrol. So I am okay right? Right? *winks* Apparently, the whole world seems to be good at it except me, which is kinda worrisome and ya that is a lecture I get all the time from dad and sis that at 21 I should know. I mean, I just don't get it k. So ya, not planning to complicate myself learning bout something that is just not me. I mean, maybe I will learn all those stuffs in the future. Who knows?
And ya, back to the mechanic. I was at the workshop and you know me, so I started looking around and reading things that were up on the wall and all and I saw this poster which immediately caught my attention, whatever little there was anyway. The poster said, "The greatest success is in waking up from failure". Boom. And I had a moment there. I mean, it made so much sense that I swear I could have ran up and tore it down.
I mean, think of it. We all define failures in so many different ways when in reality we should really see how easy is it to take the very first step towards success. Just wake up from failure! Gotta admit. That is one concept that I should carefully pin into my brains.
And with that, I walked out of the workshop feeling like a hero. (I am dramatic, yes, and no, I don't care). It is not like I felt the whole spirit awakened and all but I did walk out with a big smile and I like it.
So, after a day of feeling so nauseous and sick, that little poster really made my day. Isn't it amazing how much inspiration we can get from the most random places? High 5 to that!

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