Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lets battle our inner demons!

Topic of the day, battling inner demons. It can be anything, from food to poisonous thoughts to unkindly actions to even yourself. So, what am I battling? Well, I am battling staying true to myself. Have you ever felt like there is this two sides to you? You know, like a different personality that is just waiting to burst out and take over everything that you have ever known yourself to be like? Is that good or bad? Beats me to answer that.
I am not a person that gives up easily. I can be hell of a fighter. I fight for my rights, for my voice to be heard and for things that I believe in. But the problem arises when I am done fighting. I do not know where to turn to. When I give up, I am lost like a child in a candy store. Too many things to think about and too many bruises to attend to. What do a person do then apart from look down and sigh? Would love to know the answer to that.
So, here I am. Battling the need to be tougher and stronger. Battling staying true to who I am and not switching to my alter ego. It is definitely not an easy fight to try to be yourself. You change when you meet new people or when things don't go your way. I think the true challenge is in adapting and suiting yourself to time and environment while being true to who you are.
As much as I understand the concept, it is taking me all that I have to apply it. That's just so me kan? Well, anyway, I would like to wish all my fellow readers (if at all there is any) to have faith in yourself. You gotta love yourself first before you love another human.

Ps: Only humans ye, I mean, it is okay to love animals before you love yourself! :)

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