Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just a week left! Should I smile or tear?

With a week left you would really think that I would have my entire schedule packed with interesting places to go to or people to meet. Well, here is the sad truth. I have nothing to do. Ya, I mean apart from the cleaning and arranging my room and all which mummy seem to think I should do. I mean, I like to clean and stuffs but I just have no mood to go through stuffs just to stumble upon things that are going to give me a heartache. I am really not ready for that. So yes, I have been driving mummy nuts with the boxes and all that are accumulated in my room.
Apart from that, I know that I have not lived up to the plans that I made for this hols. I just had a mini reunion with two friends of mine and that is not enough. I think talking to old friends of yours really puts things into perspective as to how much you have grown up and matured and all and I really like that. So with just a week left, I am hoping to have more chit chats with friends from my past.
And thinking about college and all, I am excited to start the new semester. I remember how much things were different 6 months ago and ya, I kinda miss my friends from college. But, I definitely don't miss the lectures or tutorials. And the one thing that I am not looking forward to is to hold the result slip in my hand. I have no idea how well or bad I have done and no, I don't wanna know.
Well, as much as I hate to go back to IPBA, at least I have a week to perk up my spirits and get ready mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Good luck people! Spend your week very wisely.

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