Saturday, June 30, 2012

July with a lil wink! ;)

So, it is July? Great. I don't even know how on earth June left and now I am faced with a new month. So, as usual, with the new month, it is time for some serious reflection and some quiet resolutions. Let's start with the reflection first shall we? June was nice in its own way I would say. There was that trip to Pahang for one of my friend's birthday and that by itself gave me too many precious memories that I honestly would not trade for anything else in this whole wide world. I realised that I do like travelling after all. I can relate to adventures too. Well, that is if there is anyone there with me. Even GOD knows I will definitely get lost if I was by myself. And June was awesome due to the fact that I had a brief friendship built to a celebrity who just happens to be hawt, with an amazing voice and definitely a bucketful of down to earth personality. So, that was quite fun. And to conclude, June was a month that I did a lot of soul searching and honestly, I think I have found what that I have missed. Alrighty, I know that statement is quite confusing but ya. I learnt to be bolder and to love myself more. Well, I always did. But sometimes even I know that I let people take me for granted. So, it took everything in me to straighten that fact. The journey was definitely tortures but the destination, perfect! So, finally July is here. I never saw it coming that is for sure. I just woke up in the morning and heard my mum and dad chatting away about how fast time has passed and how it is already July. Trust me, I almost had a heart attack. I mean, June is gone? So, I am a month older dy? I mean, at the rate that time seem to be turning its clock, I am so sure that I am going to be a wrinkly, cranky grandma before I even know it. Well, maybe not wrinkly and cranky. I will so be the cool, relate able one. Haha With the new month, I need to have a few resolutions. My resolution for this month is, erm, lets see...aha. well, I will keep that in me for a while aite? Let it be a secret for now. Shhhh. Anyway, Happy July my darls! May the month be one that is favourable and amazing in all ways possible! :)


  1. may july bring you more happiness in your life

  2. Thank you Miss Anonymous. :)
    May July be a favourable month to you too! :)