Saturday, May 5, 2012

Questions and Answers-I know I am worth it.

I am Miss Romance and Love, and you have to admit that I am quite good at relationships. The irony would be that it is due to the fact of watching too many people screw up their own relationships and of course years of being fully immersed in literature that concerns the heart. I seriously thought I was good at it until recently a friend looked me in the eye and asked, "If you know so much about the dating game and all, why are you still so single?". Woa. You cannot imagine how speechless I went with her question. I mean, it never struck me that perhaps a prince charming would not exist if I do not go out there and play the game myself. And I said to myself, "Oh c'mon, you are worth more than that". I spose that was my ego. And then another voice whispered, "You are not ready".
And then it hit me. I did not want to get hurt. And that is how I have seen relationships to be like. Hurt. So, I thought to myself, is it possible to associate love to be so fairytale alike if I was afraid that it would hurt? I'll tell you this. I felt like a hypocrite. I mean, I tell my friends all the time that in relationships there would be problems. However, there can only be one person angry and one person with a big heart to forgive. The relationship would go down the hills if both were angry. So, if you want him in your life, give in a little.
So, why is it that a girl who is so good with relationships still so single? No idea. Maybe when you stop looking for someone, you would find that someone for you. But I haven't even started looking, so...
But then again, when all is said and done, I am still someone who does not need someone special in her life to prove that she is worth it. I know my worth and I know that I can always take care of myself. I know that being single is not lonely for me. It is just the age and the people around me that seem to be mixing up my thoughts and hence, all these questions.
To all my single ladies, a toast to ourselves. Do not let judgments be passed down to your soul. You know you are worth more than anyone out there!

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