Monday, May 7, 2012

Exams, Ghosts and Coffee-The nightmare.

I hate exams! Not coz of the studying but coz of the fact that my entire system, body, and heart included just shuts down on me. I become my own worst nightmare. You need prove? Well, it is 3.43 a.m and I am wide awake! That is prove folks! Not that I am an insomniac. I only turn into an insomniac during holidays with the movie marathons that I do. So ya. And just for the record, I broke my own no coffee rule promise I made to myself. But honestly, coming from an addict, I couldn't swallow the coffee that much now that it has been two whole weeks of being sober from coffee. So I can do it right? Stay away from coffee if I want? Now, that is a challenge I am going to put myself up for after I am done with this stupid nonsense exams.
I know what you are thinking. If I can't sleep, why on earth am I blogging rather than studying no? Well, I tried to. In fact I was doing really well before hearing all these noises around me! Wokay, before you give me that look, let me explain. I am not saying that there is this supernatural power or being around me. But, I am afraid k! I mean try being the only one in the hall in the middle of the night while the rest of your housemates sleep! It is scary! And no, I am not arguing with you on whether or not ghosts exist! I don't care! If I hear a sudden noise at 3 a.m I am going to quietly walk into my room and sit in the darkness and type in my blog and you shall not judge me for that!
It is not that I did not try sleeping. Which I did! But somehow knowing that I have no classes in the morning tomorrow, doesn't allow me to drift off to my beloved zzzzz-land. It's like my thoughts are screaming to me, saying wake up! wake up! The night is still young! So before I actually have a mental conversation with myself, which seriously is not one that I need right now, I decided to rant a little here.
And honestly, god bless you souls that actually read this. Honestly! Nah! Take a huge hug from me, for listening to me at this hour! *Bear hug*
By the way, before I forget! I am proud of myself today! I did something I am so proud off! I can;t really tell you in public, so ya, ask me if you see me k. And ya, if ever I am in FB for the next few days for longer than an hour, please chase me off! Love ya! :)

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