Friday, May 25, 2012


Relationships are supposed to keep you happy. No matter what relationship it is, it is supposed to keep you happy. And in fact if you tear more than you smile, then it is time you reflected on the importance of that particular relationship. This is a motto I am currently living by. The thing about us humans is that we are too binded with our emotions. We use our hearts too much and with that we get it bruised.
I am a person who listens to her heart more than she should, so if this is coming from me, it is time you paid attention. People, please take your brains with you when you are using your heart! Life is not all sugar. There is spice and there is extra spice too. If you are in a relationship, you can't be playing with your heart. You need to have some cognitive thinking going on.
You can't fix mended things and even if you do, they are never the same. The question is whether you would be able to live with the fact that it is as such. So, quit the tears and start thinking.
Here's what I would say to those having any sorts of relationship trouble right now.

1) People grow up. He grows up and she grows up. So, conclusion is people are not always the same. What that is new. fancy and shiny today will not be the same tomorrow. You gotta live with that fact darls.

2) Guys work this way. They would do anything in the world to have what they want. Cross oceans, swim in a muddy field of crocodiles, jump ofF the tallest building...oookay hang on, maybe not to that extent, but ya, you understand what I mean. TheY like the thrill of the chase rather than the content of owning it. So ya, ladies, that's just something you gotta come to terms with. He will not do the same things he did when he was courting you. That's just a very very sad fact indeed.

3) And my dear boys, she would get clingy and all. I mean, thats who we girls are! We are uttermost terrified of losing things that belong to us, and sure as hell that includes you! So instead of getting annoyed, why don't you prove to her how much she means to you? We think that love means more than what it really does, so ya. Sorry?

4) Relationships does not mean speaking to one another 24 hours a day, every minute. That is not what a relationship is. The big word here is TRUST. You just gotta trust him or her. If you truly loved that person, you would.

5) If you feel like there is something that is getting in between the both of you, TALK IT OUT! Talk people talk! Just say it out and get it over with! You cannot be happy if you have just even the slightest doubt in your heart. So, talk. I don't guarantee that it would get settled, but things would improve.

Alright, now that I have lashed out, let me wait for the bombs that would explode. My dear dames and damsels, if it is worth fighting for, then fight. If it is not worth fighting for, then leave. And how do you make your decision again? Simple. Close your eyes and ask your heart with the whispers of your brain.

PS: Relationships are supposed to keep you happy!

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