Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bumping into the "Mr" version of me. :)

It is 2.11 in the morning of the 25th May and I think I am about to make someone's day a lot brighter. I am currently sitting crossed leg on my bed with the lights off and hearing to slow calming songs through my ear phones. My room mate is fast asleep next to me and I probably should be sleeping but insomnia and excitement that the hols are finally here is keeping me up, wide awake. And so I decided to tap a little on this darling blog of mine. And there is a particular topic or person I'd like to talk to you about.
Well, will I regret putting up this post? That would depend on the after effects of it. And you guys know I don't really discuss in depth about a person. So, why on Earth am I doing it now? Number one, that person wanted an honest impression written and number two, that person has made me go "woa". So ya.
There is this thing about people that I have always credited and appreciated, and that is the difference in opinions and thoughts. I have met a lot of people with similar values and beliefs as me but I have never met a person that was too much similar to me in thoughts. And there it goes, my whole idea of there is no one like me in this world broken up like a fragile glass. I feel like I am talking to a version of myself whenever I speak to this person and as such, I seriously enjoy the conversations that take place. It has been less than a month and I see myself through some one else's shoes. I wouldn't say that we are 100 % alike, but the similarities that make me go woa is there. So how does it benefit me? Surprisingly, it doesn't and I don't care.
Hence, why is it that I always have an immediate reply to a person who takes ages to reply me? You know I am not like that! It is because I sincerely like this person. I don't second guess myself or delete things before saying anything. It is unscripted and you gotta really like saying things without thinking. I like how this particular person puts up with anything that I say. And the fact that he calls me matured just makes my day. But am I matured? Only i have the answer to that.
I would say that meeting this person was something I never thought would happen and boom baam I am here today.I am glad though that this whole technology brought me face-to-face with a version of myself. This person respects women and that is a major score in my board. But I have learnt the hard way that people are not the same virtually and in reality. I won't lie to you, I do have my moments of doubt. But, I trust my instincts and ability to read people. And hence, I think I have just made a good friend online.
And to you, who is reading this, if you made it this far, congratulations! You will always be my muse. And to tell you a little secret, I don't and I mean it, never ever dedicate blog posts to people that are not close to me. So, give yourself a huge round of applause, you made it. How much you mean to me? Try reading me and you'll know. :)

Ps: You gotta grant me a wish for putting a smile in your face. :)

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