Monday, May 14, 2012

1 down, 4 more to go!

Here I am, on my bed, with a killer tummy pain, with no notes around me, and my heart all at home. I seriously feel like its already holidays when I have another 4 papers to sit for. Yes, I should have a reality check right about now.
Anyway, my entire apartment is empty. With the juniors off for their language camp, the only two people in this house right now is me and my room mate.And this is heaven I tell you! No noise, and no movements and just such serenity and peace. Alright, who am I kidding? You people know me too well! Yes, it is scary and I'm a little spooked out with this whole silence. But, do I appreciate the silence? Yes. I do. It's kinda nice too from all that noise I'm used to.
And so with that, I have successfully finished my very first final exam for semester 3 of my degree year. How was the paper? Let's just not go there, shall we? But, I gotta say, being the very first batch that is not flying to any other western, English countries, we are being treated like lab rats. The first paper to be made by the government. So no tips, no past year questions...its just a hassle. Ain't I lucky? Well, the only reason I came here was coz I didn't wanna leave home and fly. So ya. I am not gonna complain that much.
And as for the exams, I am trying not to think much of it. I can't handle all those anxiety and fear and mini heart attacks. I mean, I am just not a fan of exams. Hence, I am concentrating on devising my post exams plan. Where shall I go? What shall I do? Who shall I meet? I'm setting up reunions with those that I haven't seen in a while. Old friends and mates. I mean, life is so short that we never know what might happen when! So ya, I guess I just feel so distant from people nowadays. Hence, i am anticipating a action packed break. But you know me, more than anything, I just want to go back home and spend three weeks under the safe arms of mum, dad, sis, and Ruby and Dino. Home is where my heart always is.

PS: Why do I feel like writing and writing and writing when I should seriously be studying?

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