Saturday, May 12, 2012

For the beautiful lady I call Amma. :)

This is my beautiful mother. She had me though the doctors warned her there would be a certain complications to the delivery. She nursed me as soon as I hit the world and came down with a chicken pox. She taught me to read and write when I got so jealous that my sister was going to an actual kindergarten. She looked me in the eye and told me that in life I should always be bold, when I popped my balloon and started crying. She signed my every report cards though I did bring back bad grades occasionally. When I sat in a corner not knowing what to do, she told me I would make an awesome teacher. She has been there for me through my every decision which I took, though she was against most of it initially. She let me bring home a dog though she didn't want a pet at first, she let me be a mother at the age of 16 to two beautiful dogs who I call my own children, she let me turn into a vegetarian and still cook for me though she was never one and never will be one. She nags at me that I don't drink enough water or that I always seem to walk out of the room and not switch off the lights. She is my best friend to whom I can talk anything about and a life coach that guides me. I do not know what I will do if I do not have her with me. I just wanna say that no one can ever love me as much as she does, through years of being a mess and all. I am who I am today because she never gave up on me. I love you amma. I just love you so much.

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