Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lesson number 1 : Experience is a tough teacher, but a good one!

There is something about handing in the last exam paper and screaming your heart out that no other feelings in the world can match up to. I don't really know whether it is the excitement of looking forward for the holidays or the relief that all those sleepless nights and memorising theories is finally done and over with, it's just an unexplainable state of happiness that only college students can truly relate to.
Anyway, it goes without saying then that I have finally finished my examination and I am now a very free bird, I mean, for the next three weeks at least.
So, what's the plan you ask? Well, I have no idea! There is this long list of things I should do that I wrote down a few weeks earlier and I guess my work would be to strike off that list, an item at a time.
But, I shall insist here, with my most assertive voice that the goal is to look after myself really well. No scratching my heart, no poisoning my soul and no ignoring the needs of my body. I know I said that before, but let me be humble enough and admit to you that I did not follow through with my words. I leaned to far into the unknown land and bruised myself really bad. But I'm okay. I am healing, slowly at least. :)
Experience is a tough teacher but she is a good one. Hence, I appreciate the ones that have kicked me around like a football because I now know where I stand. And besides, life is all about learning! I'm more than happy to learn the hard way. :)

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