Tuesday, October 2, 2012

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P- The unsinkable ship? Really?

Tada! I am here. Been a while hasn't it? I have definitely missed writing. I got caught up in keeping myself sane in a world that is a total madness that I even forgot I had a blog! Unbelievable kan? Anyway, in these few weeks of my absence, I have had some interesting encounters and events that I only wish I can pen them all down. But, like always, there is this one particular topic that made me think too much that I just had to write it down.
That one ship that is deemed unsinkable. Not to me that is. No matter how many people I meet in my life or how many friends I make, I somehow believe that those friends that we laugh with, cry to, say "I love you" to, insult, and poke fun with will somehow be a stranger to us someday. Negative much? Trust me. I am being very judgmental, yes, but also very practical.
Life is unpredictable. So what do we do again? We hold those that we love close to us without ever forgetting that every one of them will leave us one day. We came into this world without any friends and we will leave as such. It is that thought that we should have in us. Why you ask? Simple.
In any friendship, there will come a time in which your relationship with that person will be tested. It will be worst than anything that you have ever been through. This is due to the fact that this person has no ties with you. They are just some stranger that you have learnt to trust and love. So what happens when that trust and love is proven to be lies? Or is it?
The thing about being friends with someone is that you can never tell when you should be angry and when you should give in. There are so many of us that have so many issues with our friends but we never voice them out because we still value friendship more than ego. But then again, how do you state your pick?
Funny how this particular relationship called "friends" work. Funny how someone you once know becomes someone you knew. Is there an end to friendship? God bless whoever who can answer that.

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