Monday, October 15, 2012

Go away Mr.Exams, Little Raeva doesn't like you! >:(

Wassup readers! How's life now that Monday is officially here? Anyone dare say that they are having fun? I for one am having one of the slowest, stuck in time, sleepy week. Is it a sense of ungratefulness in me that I am feeling it would have been better to have had any assignment to be completed? This slow paced life is the indication that the master of all, enemy of every student's life is coming. Yeap, I am welcoming Mr.Exams soon into my life. He is expected to drop by for about 2 weeks in 2 weeks time. I never appreciated his visits and I am sure I won't this time around too.
So, technically that would mean that I need to ensure the studying gets along right? Though I don't find myself distracted nor tempted to be distracted, it is just the thought of sitting there, memorising facts for hours that I would after all forget the moment I step outta the exam hall that is of a put off factor right now. Plus the fact that I do not really like the subjects I am taking this semester, except for the literature component, Stories for Young Learners. That one, is just where my heart is. Hey, I am after all a literature girl aren't I?
So, the conclusion is, I absolutely need to get it in my head that Mr.Exams is coming! So, if you see me loitering in Facebook or blog walking, chase me away ye? I will so appreciate you for that! But, do entertain me once in a while too, you know I need that. :)

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