Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Try guessing! :P

Hallo darling readers! How is everybody doing? Yeap, I kinda got my cheery self on track since I have been buzzed about how emo I have been sounding on my blog as well as FB status's. Well, what can I say? A girl just gotta have her emo times! Anyway, i spent the last week reading very interesting articles online that somehow reaffirmed the fact that I can never be just a teacher. I need to get my spirit, soul, heart out there into the world of psychology especially where relationships are concerned. I have no idea why, but when it comes to humans and relationships, I can go on and on. I guess this is the definition of passion. 
Anyhow, I came across this very interesting article on the types of romantic relationships that we humans will encounter throughout our lives. They classified it into 10 different types and I must say, I do agree with that classification. So, what are those 10? Well, why don't you take a guess and lemme know. After all, I am a "learner-centred" kinda teacher! So, keep guessing till my next post! I will explain those 10 in detail and let you know which of those 10 have been present in my own life!
Take care humans of my blog. Just know, that I do love you so very much! 

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