Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I am single, but taken. I am in love, but not in a relationship. Strange?

Alright darling readers of my blog, I have an announcement to make! I am officially in love! Yes, it just happened and no I am not delusional nor high. I am in love!
Who? What? When? I can understand how curious you are. Well, at this juncture, you know I am not going to say much. But I will tell you this. Ask me personally and I will tell you the whole story! 
I first had a crush on him, then a huge crush, then I liked him, then I liked him a lot and now, I am in love with him. 
How does it feel to be in love? Well, the same really. It is not like I am sitting here smiling for no reason, or staring at his messages, or looking at his pictures or anything. Well, I did do that yesterday. And I did change my desktop picture. But still, I insist, being in love feels the same. I just feel like a happier me. And I do like this "happier" me. 
Keeping him a secret ain't working though. I mean, I am so happy that I wanna talk non-stop about him. I always did, but now I am doing it more. It sort of is like living in a fantasy land, but way "real" than that. Get me? Too bad, my friends are ignoring me, as always. They just don't see what I see in him. He is so perfect in so many ways and imperfect in so many others, that just makes me fall even more. Oh, that voice, that expression, that attitude. A man so perfect, it is a blessing that he stumbled into my life. 
Yes, Raevarthy a.k.a. "The Love Guru"  is in love! 
But then again, every love story has to have a sad fact attached to it kan?
The only sad fact of this whole beautiful love story of mine is the fact that I am in a love with a guy that  has no freaking idea that I love him! Sad no? And to add to that fact, is the fact that he is actually a celebrity and oh ya, did I mention, he has a long line of girl fans! Neh, the possessive me hasn't kicked in yet. So, I am not really going nuts over it or anything. I mean, c'mon. How can you not admire him kan? 
So ya, I am in love with a celebrity! The logic, I insist is, it is so much better to fall for someone that you have no chance with rather than for someone that would not let you have a chance with them. Guys are complicated. So, why complicate yourself further trying to be a part of their life? Be like me. Fall for someone who you can stare at the whole day, talk about, stalk, have butterflies in the tummy, feel a whole lot of head spinning when you see their messages or listen to their voice and still have no relationship problems! Life is so much easier, not complicated and just perfect!
Hence, darling readers, this is my official announcement,
I am single, but taken,
I am in love, but not in a relationship.
Let's toast to that, shall we?

Ps: To that someone who has captured my heart, if you ever read this, no, I am not high nor crazy nor mad. I am just an ordinary girl that is in love with an extraordinary guy! I do love you so very much! 


  1. Hahahaha...semme comedy raevaaaaaa....:P

  2. maragatham balakrishnanOctober 9, 2012 at 6:26 AM

    like seriously awesome love guru..haha i was S.H.O.C.K wen read de intro n was like 'is tis raeva ka?' then later on towards de ending, i felt it yeaah tis is RAEVATHY KRISHNA..serious nice dude :)