Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It is after all an insensitive world!

I am currently in a very depressed, annoyed, about to blast at someone, can't calm down kinda state. The reason being something that I wish not to state here. Nevertheless even in this state of mind, I feel the necessity to state a few facts. And yes, this is written based on my unstable emotion and no I do not care of the repercussions of it.
I am done being a used mat. I am done being someone everyone can step on. Never once in a million years I thought I would be here today. Never once I thought this would bother me this much. But when you truly care, love and adore someone, it will hurt, and that is a lesson I learnt the hard way. Why did I share so many memories with you that now only seem as though I have been nothing but someone you had when you had no one? Alright fine. I know I am emo-ing. Well, a girl gotta emo at times to be the tough person she portrays whom she is not.
I also do not understand why people are so bias. And I honestly mean it. We all live in a country in which we have been taught to understand, tolerate, accept and appreciate one another's differences in religion, values, as well as way of life. The only thing is that after 21 years of life, here I am watching things that should not happen, happen in my life. If at 2012 we live among racism and colour coding, imagine when 2020 rolls in. Leave the nation aside for a minute. Look at our very own university, school, institution, place of work. Where do I even go with this? Patience is virtue they say. But what if being patient is only easier said than done? 
And then there is me. Trying to make sense of an insensitive world. That's just so me kan?

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