Saturday, October 20, 2012

Neh, life won't end if I am not done living it!

Life is going to end one day. I do not deny that, but I am still contemplating the fact whether the world, as they say, would end in 2012. And the fact of what I would be doing should that happen. I watched a movie the other day that showed some heart-wrenching images of mother nature taking her last revenge on mankind as she hits with all her natural disasters. It moved me beyond words. I was just so stunned that I replayed those images in my head, for about a million times after the movie ended.
The thing here is that, I am not done with life. I still have a hell lot of battles to fight. I have not done enough for those that I love, and hence, I do not want to leave. I know that the world is not necessarily fair and that every one of us would meet the angle of DEATH one day. But, I am seriously not ready for that. I know that it is kinda ironic that I am speaking of death at this juncture of my life. It is just that something sparked off in me to sit and pen this down. 
We walk out of our house every day not knowing that it could be our last. We go to our respective universities, sit through hours of lectures and tutorials, laugh with our friends, and amidst all that, do we really stop to think that life could end when we least expect it to? For example, an assassin could break in, taking the lives of strangers, and what if, we happen to fall into that category of strangers? 
Or, lets say for example, we take a long drive in the highway, blasting our favourite songs, with big shades, and air-conditioner just suited to hit us, with no one else in the car and just one slight miscalculation and poof, gone. Accidents take lives even if it was not our fault to begin with. 
I know that living life with a constant fear that death would strike is not the right way. But sometimes, thoughts such as this is just one that you can't ignore. I just know for sure that, despite the difficulties or hurdles that come crashing into my life, I am just not done fighting. I am not done saying, "Bring it on". I still have a long way to go. I still have big dreams to realisise and equally big miracles to watch unfold. I have little desires to fulfill, such as the desire to bungee jump, meet my celebrity crush, drive long distance with a special someone, and much more. I know that life is so cruel at times, taking people away from the face of Earth before their time comes. I just wish and pray that I would be kept alive at least till I am able to breathe a sigh of relief, watching my parents, sister , and 2 children smile at me in pride. That, I believe is just a feeling no money can buy or no words can do justice to. 

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