Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet my friend, Hope. :)

On this lovely Saturday night, before I retire to bed, wishing for the sweetest of sweet dreams, let me tell you something. Hope lies in the heart of those that believe. It is not only a power to be able to hope for something, it is a form of love to. Love in this sense is of course an abstract form and I sure wish you understand what I am saying.
I don't understand why is it that we sit in a corner, holding our heads, gaze lowered to the ground and just let ourselves be broken by adversity. Life is not easy. The only way to survive this little game called life is to hope. Hope is not wish. Let me caution you. Hope simply means believing that you are able to get out of a sticky situation, trusting that you will be able to smile after a major thunderstorm.
People tell me that I am a positive person. I won't deny that but then again I am not saying that I am the kinda person that says, "Bring it on" to every challenge of life that I seem to be having nowadays. I am just saying that instead of holding my head down, not knowing what to do, I push myself to look up with this tiny flutter in my soul called hope. I hope each and every day that there will be one day in which life will not be a constant roller coaster ride. Does it work? Ya, it does! In a way no words can explain.
So that is hope. Hope is a friend we all need to let into our lives. Hope has no sexual orientation, race or religion, hence it is not bias. Hope loves those who love it. Hope will always be there for those that need it. Isn't that what we all crave for?
Hence, c'mon now, fellow readers, with a little smile, let's let Hope into our lives.

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