Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Signs that "he" loves you...especially, for the ladies! :)

Have you wondered whether a certain guy loves you? I found this online and it seems useful? Well, that's up to you!

He holds your hand in public
:If he reaches for your hand in public, more often than not it's because he wants everyone to know you are with him. When a man isn't in love holding hands can be a very big deal. It indicates that he is off the market to the people around you. If you reach for your hand and he grips firmly back, you know that he has no intention of giving the illusion of singledom to the other females around.

He actually shares his feelings: Most men absolutely do not share their emotions, especially any emotion that might make them appear fragile or weak. If he's letting you in on his deepest secrets, passions, and fears these are signs of love.

He shows an interest in your passions: If he's reading up or asking questions about your favorite subjects, it's because he loves you and wants to know what makes you truly happy.
He makes plans often: If your guy is filling up your calendar, it's most likely because he wants to spend every second he can with you. This is one of the biggest signs of love.

His family and friends involve you in their lives: You can always tell how someone feels about you by the way their family and friends react to you two together. If you are hanging out with his family on a regular basis, and they obviously like you, it's most likely because they know their son is in love.

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