Monday, April 18, 2011

Have I found my prince charming?

Love has never been kind to me. I'm 20, single (never regretted it), and never been in love. My friends say i'm the most romantic person they know. I believe in the power of love, prince charmings, roses, love poems, and so on. So, how is it that I have never succeeded in giving my heart away truly? Growing up, all throughout my teenage years, I had the occasional crushes and I have envied those loving couples that walk around. Hell, I still do! But, things has changed. I have "grown up".
Its my first love and I do not want it to be a one-sided one. No matter how much i tell my heart to not think of him, he is the first person i think of when i wake up and the last when i doze off. I crave for someone to shake some senses into me. I want someone to tell me that it's a mere crush and that it will pass. But, no one knows and i don't dare say (with the exception of 2 people). I am scared that they will not understand how it feels but would judge me. I am terrified that people would give me the "whats-up-with-her" look. I admit that its not easy to tell your heart to stop loving someone. And try as i might, its impossible not to fall for someone with the same values, principles and believes in life. Its hard to finally find your prince and yet he doesnt know that you are madly in love with him.. Have I found my prince? Honestly, my heart is saying yes and my mind is saying no.
I never intended to fall in just happened!

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  1. Reva!
    Enjoy these moments where you have this one side love.. try to get to know him well and MOST IMPORTANTLY TALK to him!!!!!!!! OK! look him in the eyes! anyway, dun wori too much ok.. if you guys are fated to be together some miracle will happen k! And rmbr wateva is it i wil always be ther for you dear.. :)