Friday, April 29, 2011

Rambling in the wee hours of the morning!

So ya, its 3.28 a.m and im wide awake. So, i was flipping around a few pages and im extremely bored. My maxis is killing me.It's taking forever to load and there is no one online in fb for me to have ridiculous conversations with. At least, not the ones i want to. My shih-tzu and poodle are soundly asleep. Dad and mum too. The house has an eerie silence about it thats very much unsettling. And you know me. So ya,im a bit spooked out.
Anyway, I have realised that my recent blog posts has been all about how I feel, and not much about what has happened or interesting events. I guess I'm more of an emotional writer. Either way, I have also noticed that I do not write much nowadays. Well, life as a 20 year old is definitely challenging. Oh my, that makes me sound really old. I wonder what I'll say when I reach 30. Its scary. I'm sure things would have dramatically changed by then. Will I feel old? Will I look old? Wrinkles maybe? Oh god, its a scary image! But by then, i hope I would have made some difference in the life's of my students. Thats all a teacher can hope for right? Honestly, I can't wait to graduate! They say it will be way tougher than being a teacher trainee. But I kinda like kids and I sure hope I wont turn out to be your average grumpy english teacher. I want be the fun one! The one they turn to for help and the one the other teachers envy (thats the competitive part of me speaking).
Either way, this life that I'm looking forward to is one that I never expected to have. One small decision and voila it changed my life forever. But im happy! I mean, no matter what that happens, you have to go to bed contented and I dare say I do so every night of the week. So, dear readers (if any at all), never regret the past coz its gone forever. Look forward to the future because thats something you shape as you move along this difficult path called life. Life is beautiful!

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