Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More shoes and more days to be endured!

I have nothing much to say. Today, we had our first ever class party plus birthday celebration at mid valley. It was fun, in a way i suppose. Being one of the birthday girls was definitely amazing n i absolutely love the gift they got us! damn cute! n its pink! Ok, thats the girlish side of me speaking. Later on, I and kak nab walked around mid valley aimlessly before stumbling upon a pasar-malam like atmosphere in Vincci. Yes, the shoe heaven! Everything was on sale! Omg! Everything! I grabbed a pair of killer white heels and I so can't wait to put it on! I don't really know where am I going to wear it to but you can't find a reason to buy shoes right? Shoes are like oxygen. Everyone needs it. Plus, I'm a girl. Its totally acceptable for me to have a huge addiction towards shoes!
That brings me to the next topic. My sister. Yes, the Indon woman is coming back! Yihaa! I'm super excited because i have made so many plans and I would love to watch as it unfolds. The plans as for now:
1) shoe shopping at times square
2) banana leaf food at devi's corner
3) eat till our stomach burst at annalakshmi
4) n basically just hours of talking and arguing!

I can't wait! 24 June 2011!


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