Friday, April 22, 2011

When it rains! :)

Rain. The little, tiny droplets of water from heaven. People shun themselves away from the rain. The men curse at it. They can't drive home on time, can't take on important business meetings, and can't watch football on tv due to the interruption of the signals caused by the thunder. The women on the other hand cringe unhappily. They can't dry the clothes, can't take a walk to the market and can't help but worry about their husbands who are stuck in traffic.
Well..I don't belong to any of those categories! I belong to the third one. The category for little kids. Have you seen a happier person on earth than a child when it rains? They jump, they get excited, they play happily in the rain. They have nothing else to worry about! That's how I am. I love it when it rains because there can be no match to the beauty of the skies when it rains. It's as though they are crying...grieving on the lost of something dear to them..n they do it with style!
I'm going to curl up with a hot mug of coffee and watch as it as those little pearls from heaven hit earth.

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