Saturday, October 2, 2010

-Its a tough life-

I'm sorry that I have not been updating this almost-dead blog. I have had such a busy week and even now, I have tons to do. Sometimes, I feel that I'm growing up too fast and yet I know I am no more a "small" girl. With age, comes responsibility. So, I suppose I have to let go and embrace my adulthood with head held high.
Yesterday we debated on Macbeth being innocent. It was an eye-opener for me as I realised that Macbeth had more to him that what meets the eye. Debating against the secondary group was something new and I'm glad we were part of the winning team(not that there was a competition or anything). It was merely education based. However, I am sad that I can't participate on the one next wednesday. I think people would get bored seeing me up there again. But, I love the topic! And I know I would do well! Its fated I suppose! But, hey I am going to cheer my heart out!
Well, this week was also all about surviving and I dare say I survived. But, it did hurt throughout the process. Right from the skits, to the debate.

PS: I'm hanging on, refusing to let go. Is that good or bad?

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