Wednesday, September 29, 2010

-Falling in love-

Ok Raevarthy! You have to stop! You know you have to! It's about time! Stop opening up Youtube and stop hearing to love songs! Smack yourself if you do so! Its just a stupid crush girl! Get over it!!! You know you he doesn't care of you so stop imagining of what life would be with him around! Got it? You have to stop! Enough of those mushy Love songs before dozing off to bed and enough of those sweet romantic novels! You don't need love! You need luck! And lots of it to survive this last few days in IPBA! Stop being jealous of all those couples you see around you! He is so far away..miles apart..and who knows what he is dong there! Stop it! You don't need him!

PS: What happens when your mind adamantly says no and your heart explodingly says yes?

-Trying to strike a balance here-

1 comment:

  1. Awwww Reva.. You are the most romantic and sweetest person on earth! Seriously im telling this from deep within my heart! The guy who gets you is the most most most luckiest guy on earth!!!!!!!!! I am sure you will find your Prince Charming dear.. Dont worry! He will be the perfect guy and the most loving guy ever! I am very sure..