Wednesday, September 1, 2010

-Torn in the inside-

I guess you are going to find me very often here in my blog as only this virtual world of mine provides the solitude and care that I yearn for. How is it that at one moment I feel that my life is so perfect and at the next I find myself in a loophole just waiting for it to swallow me up. I hate to sound as though I am having a depressed life coz I know some people love to see me crumble and drop and that is not how I ever want to be like. Too many things at once I guess. Having someone new in my life ain't gonna change the way things are. I am not melodramatic but I am sensitive.
I have opinions of my own that I stick up to and that does not make me a *****.

There are little things that I can tolerate and there are things that I can't. My pain starts the moment my life steps out of the boundaries of family, class and work.
PS: Was it wrong for me to come to IPBA?

1 comment:

  1. Nope! It is not wrong. You are going to be one of the best teacher. Trust me, you'll make a good one!