Wednesday, September 8, 2010

-Hols, The first part-

Yeay! I am officialy on break and that's probably why you havent seen me here often. Well, what can I say, I just love being at home and hence, perhaps I have thrown away the sad aspect of me..(just kidding, you know me better)..anyway, this hols has been a little bit tiring for me as I have to fight for the car, fight for love, fight for attention, fight to keep my clothes...yeah..u guessed right..MISS LOSINE is back! Oh, dont I just love the fact that she is back...I get to escape from the relative drama that goes on just coz she substitutes my place. Love you for that Oshy!
I started this hols with a bit of a frustration coz the last week at ipba was hectic! And, when i say hectic, i mean super hectic! But, hey i survived!*claps wildly*
Anyway, I have decided to go out and mingle. Maybe it is time I made the effort to keep in touch with all my old buddies. They were always there for me right? So, let us start, with one at a time(never really liked to go out in large groups)..I am just wondering which one to start with..Errmm..thats a tough choice! Ill figure it out eventually, i suppose..i always do..

Ps: My heart rate has increased dramatically and only you know why!:)

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