Tuesday, September 28, 2010

-Missing you all over again-

I should not be here, i tell myself and I know I am lieing. I should not blog about how I really feel. I know I should not feel this way and I know it is ridiculous for me to miss you. But, I can't stop myself from doing so. I want you out of my life and yet I can't find the strength to throw you away. Fine, I'd admit it. All I wish for is to be with you. I am jealous of them, yes I am. I want an everlasting affection. I want to hold hands and walk through the rain and I want you to buy me gifts and wipe away my tears. I want you to call me for no reason. It is not selfish of me! I am just a girl after all...I know you would eventually end up with someone, but why should that person not be me? I am tired of feeling worthless of love! I am tired of people telling me my time would come! Why can't it be now? And, my darling prince charming, whoever you are, why can't you woe me now?

PS: Maybe I am really going senile due to stress!

Mental note to myself: Go to sleep Raevarthy! You are starting to crap!

N dear faithful readers, do you think I'd ever find a prince?

1 comment:

  1. hurm, what a complicated problem you have here... Kind of missing our times spent together.. m just hoping that one day we can chat again, maybe after all assignments have been submitted?