Monday, September 27, 2010

-Me as Fatin-

Im finally done with the did-not-want-to-but-ended-up-doing-it skit! You can guess how I feel. I am so happy that I could just fly! Seriously, I did not anticipate for it to be this hectic. Lets start, from the top.
You never know how much an incident can teach you and you can never guess how much you would learn from an experience. I have learnt mine.
"Needless to say, life isn't all about what you want. It is sometimes about what you don't want and you have to deal with it".
(Raevarthy, 2010)

As for my cast and crew of this skit, thank u so much! Indeed it was a pleasure working with you guys! A special thanks and lots of hugs to Julia from the KPLSPM group. She was a lifesaver! We owe you one girl! N as for Posh, thanks for the last-minute willingness to replace me. I owe you one too.

PS: The name is still Raevarthy ya..not Chapathi!


  1. hahaha really enjoy watching the skit! cant stop lauhging.. :D congratez to u guys! best actors n actreses!

  2. tee yah, thx darl! i never thot it would turn out! it just fell through i glad u had fun!

  3. Super duper!!! gReat Great Job done Reva!!! Totally enjoyed the skit...!!! I juz cant stop laughin!!! Seriously!! The whole event was SO Well organized!! Im soo happy tat we managed to put it together even with so many challenges on our way!!! Pheww... All the grace goes to the supreme lord..