Wednesday, October 6, 2010

-Me as Lala-

omg! Did we really manage to come up with a video? Did i really act so "gedik"? man! it all sound so faraway n yet we manage to do it! I am so proud of my team members! i sayang u guys so much! i just had the chance to watch the entire video n man, i cant stop blushing! i am proud of myself! o shall i say Lala? either way, it was a team effort n it clearly showed. There is still room for improvement but hey we are "newbies" ourselves! Kuwe n Kimah, u guys are the only ones from our group that is following my blog. So, if u come across this, i just want to say i appreciate all that u have done for me, as a team. N im sorry i wasnt here the day u guys compiled everything. I noe i owe all of u! Sorry n thx!
*double hugs*
PS: Pls leave me a comment if u r from my team!

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  1. hahahaha....
    well...i'll take that credit as a director...hahahaha...juz joking...everyone did their best and i'm proud of it...we manage to finish it without having much problems...even i did most of the works, from scripwritings and editing and also directing..but i m ok with it..i enjoy that...thanX for putting a trust for me to edit the vid...hope u guys enjoy it very much...