Monday, October 25, 2010

-6 days more-

Ok..this is it...just a week to damn week for my cruel finals! i have no confidence, i can;t define my ss terms right, i can't score es, i dunno what the hell to answer in my ldv task sheets..n even if i do, it is wrong, n i am seriously blur where lds is concerned! i pray, i cry n i keep quiet..a million things are running in my mind and all i want is peace n solitude..duwan to hear my roommate on her phone, duwan to hear my classmates talk, duwan to even think what the finals are going to be like! I need peace! i need space! I'm losing myself and I don't know what to do! Its like there is this whole tornado in me. I'm wrestling a power invisible to the naked eye. I pray for a miracle to happen but I noe its impossible. Either I know it or I don't. I wish I don't feel this way and I wish someone would tell me everything is going to be fine. But they won't and even if they do I noe its impossible and nothing is going to be fine. A week! One damn week to go! The days are closing in on me and I feel a tug in my heart. Its finals and its going to be horrible! Help me help myself!

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