Monday, October 25, 2010

-5 days to go: From lala land to earth-

Breathe Raevarthy! Breathe! Help! I think im hyperventilating! I mean who wouldn't? 5 more days to go! Let me spell that for you, loud and clear! FIVE! Five people! Just 5! Mati la aku! I know im so dead! So, what should I do to stay alive? Well, i have decided to throw away all feeling of "malu-ness" in me. Ok, I don't understand and if you do, its good for you. So, I'm going to ask silly questions and I'm going to bug my lecturers with questions! I don't care! I know you are smart but I...well..I am an extremely slow learner. Thing get confused in my head. So, let me make up for all those times that I have been extremely quiet in class with my mind drifting of to"lala" land. So, its make-up time.
5 days people! 5 only! Is there anyone out there who is freaking out like me? Probably not! I mean everyone is already way too smart! Since when I slacked off? How did I let this happen to me? was my fault. I chased after friends and fame. Padan muka aku! I totally deserve this! But, I know that somewhere up there God is watching me closely and I know he will be there to give me the strength to sit for the examination without collapsing once I see the paper..hopefully that is. Either way, 5 days! 5 ONLY! God bless us all!

Ps: Thank you God, I know you helped me with my LDS assignment! I am more than thankful!

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