Monday, April 2, 2012

April and I am already a sexist. Women have rights too!

Okay. So, we just walked into April. How has it been so far folks? Anyone still keeping up with their new year resolutions? Anyone has already given up on the year and waiting for it to end as much as I do? Well, what can you say. It is always so exciting to walk into a new year, we make new goals, new resolutions, promise ourselves that at least this time around it will be different that by the time you know it, you are back to where you said you won't be So new year is equals to new spirit? Definitely not for me.
Right, so before I start annoying you with my blue spirit, let us talk about something very interesting. Boys. Okay, before you roll your eyes and go, "Here she goes again", let me tell you that this has nothing to do with love or romance or anything of that sort. I am here today to talk about attitude in general. And ya, to those that might find this post slightly sexist, well, I have always been an advocate of women's right and equality, so don't blame me. You are free to leave.
So let me start with saying that I don't get the whole idea of women being inferior to men. I mean, ya, it has been there for ages that a women's place is in the kitchen. But that was in an era in which women did not have any opportunities to be educated. So, what's the whole idea about kitchen being associated to women? Like really guys, are you that mentally blind to not see that we have advanced enough to stand equally with you out there? In any name it and we have definitely proved our capability. And that being said, yes, I believe that a kitchen is not where a woman belongs, instead it is a place in which she should reign. So what it means is, stop saying that we can't do certain things. In fact, I think women make better decisions than men. You are free to argue with me on that.
Next up, lets speak about the whole idea of women being associated with sex. Oookay. It is very simple. Stop seeing women as sex objects. We have feelings too. We are intellectually capable too. So ya, look at the brains not the body. And that is a huge shout out to those guys that "like" to look at us, inappropriately. Simple. Keep your eyes up not "down". Blunt huh? Sorry, this is something just not excusable to me. So yes.
Anyway, this post wasn't influenced by anyone or any incident in particular. It is just something I have always wanted to say. And before the bombarding starts, I know guys that are so respectful to women that it is a blessing to the entire guys population. And to those guys, hats off to you. At least there is still some hope for the population of guys.
Haiz. So I suppose it is only April and I am already being some sort of a sexist. Well, people, it is just the environment that I find myself in lately. Things just seem so different when you are 21.

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