Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sexism in a whole new angle. :)

I am not a sexist. All I preach for is that women should be treated equally as to men in this world. And yet, I must say I had an intellectual conversation with an old friend and he made me see the other side of the coin too. I mean, why shouldn't men be treated equally to women then? True right?
Let me break it down to you. Why is it that the society looks down at stay at home dad's and say nothing to stay at home mom's? Isn't that a form of discrimination then? That the place of a women is at home while the male population has to always be out there, working for his family and all. I mean, what if he did not want to? What if he wanted to be the one who looked after the household stuffs? Why is it that such guys are looked down upon and judged as being just plain lazy or stupid? Now, that is something I never thought of. So yes, although it was a good argument that I had, I must say that he is right too.
And with that, I want to ask this to all girls out there, would you be with such a guy? He asked me that. If your answer is no, then why complain that the women are being discriminated? True right? Aren't we girls making that assumption then, putting ourselves down?
So yes, I am not a sexist but yet, I would demand to be respected for who i am. So chances are that if you started the whole gender biased topic with me, I will support my own female society first. After all, we can never let go of our roots right? :)

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