Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goodbye April and the people in it! :)

Finally! Let me breathe a huge sigh of relief! I am done with the assignments for this semester. True, I do have the Moral's coursework to be submitted soon and I haven't even read the question. Well, since when have we ever bothered about Moral to be bothered now kan? Kan Kan? :P Anyway, have you noticed how fast we have come to the end of April? I still remember how I walked into April and soon am walking out of it and into May. May is the month in which everyone gets a little too tensed, too worried, too busy and just about loses it as the exams round the corner and we are forced to grasp with studying and tidying up the leftovers of the sem. It is indeed a hassle. So with the sem ending soon, guess what I am doing? I am not thinking! I am doing things in a rush nowadays and true enough, I know that it may have the tendency to kinda sorta hurt me at the end. But still, I have always believed in following my heart rather than my brains. So ya. There is one issue though that has been bugging me throughout this month. And that would be the issue of friendship. How okay is okay. How far can the bonds of a friendship stretch to? Are there any limitations in terms of being close to a person? Someone told me recently that the more closer you are to someone, the more you give them the permission to hurt you. It is best to not know much and to not ask much. If you know me, you know that would be impossible! I get attached to people easy. And I somehow belief that friends are one of the most important relationships in the world, more than your extended family! Funny huh? But then again, it got me thinking. Why is it that certain people do not see the value of a friendship? Why is it that some people are a little bit too blinded and a little too selfish? In friendships, there are only one side of the coin. So if you start disagreeing, then you just somehow gotta value the relationship more than your ego. But in saying that, why would someone hurt you if they care right? I most definitely do not have the answer to that. Friends are also people that know you the best. But how close is close? Can you take advantage of your friends? Some times people tend to use you for their own good. Are those people even friends in the very first place? Or how about people who only bother to keep in touch coz they need you for something? I hate people like that! And finally, is it okay to fall in love with a friend? do I answer this? Well, there is a saying that love is indeed friendship caught on fire. Well, I am not one to know that. I know though that if people are meant to be together, they would find a way to one another no matter what happens. There is a friend who told me that the best feeling in the world is to fall in love with a friend. Well, she had it that way and is now very happy. But ya, like I said, we never know! Well, life is getting a little bit too serious for me nowadays. I am growing up and yet still struggling to keep up with the world. With April gone, I am looking forward to starting May with a big bang and ending the semester with a wide smile. Let's all hope for the best! :)

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