Saturday, April 21, 2012

What if love is just a lie?

I was talking to a friend earlier and somehow the topic ran into love and I asked him, "What if love is just a lie?". And that got me thinking. It really could be a lie. I remember reading an article on that somewhere. And so I searched my mail and found it. Here it goes. To those that might be as confused as I am, this one is for you.

Love is just a word we created to delude ourselves into chasing something beautiful. When I ask you what is love you wouldn’t be able to give me a straight answer I’m sure, each one of you will talk about it the way they see it, there is no definition for love and that’s why it doesn’t exist, but we believe in it, pushing ourselves to go after another lie … happiness, we think that when we find love we will find happiness but once again I ask you what is happiness? Do you have a definition for this word or is it just another fantasy we deluded ourselves to believe?

Two months ago I have been watching an Arabic series called “Forgiveness” and it turned out to be one of the best I’ve seen actually, not because the story was very moving but for the thoughts I found on it, for the reality that we rarely see on TV shows, it talked about love and happiness, do they really exist or are they just some fantasies that we forced ourselves to believe in order to add the excitement into our lives? I am one of those people who don’t believe in eternal love and happy endings, but yet I see the necessity for their existence in our minds.

That character had a great mind with such enlightened thoughts, he followed his reason and took the right directions in life, he didn’t fall in love but he got married reasonably with the right girl for him and lived happily, but I think he missed a lot though, he didn’t feel the rush of falling in love, he never felt the thrilling heart beats when someone sees his beloved, he never experienced the pain of getting hurt and the bitterness in saying goodbye, I believe he missed some overwhelming feelings that make a spicy taste for life.

So the way I see it, love does not exist neither does happiness but nevertheless we need to believe in them in order to live a worthy life, to push us forward into new directions, to experience the feelings we only knew through songs and poems, to make memories and stories that we will keep talking about even when we’re 80 years old, well, sometimes we need to put all out beliefs aside and sail across this life, take risks, make mistakes, fall in love and feel the good taste of life while passing through this world.

And am I still confused? Yes I am. Maybe it is time I stopped reading all those love novels and quit on those romantic movies. Maybe it is time I admitted that love might just be a lie after all.

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